Building Project Process

Many individuals and couples find building a new home can be a stressful and emotional experience. From finding the right piece of property , designing the home, and choosing a builder, all while making sure their dream home fits into a budget that works with their financial goals. The Vista Verde Builders LLC process guides clients from prior to land purchase, through the design and construction phases, to a beautifully crafted home.  We have a general overview of typical home construction steps that can help clients understand the sequence of events and ease some anxiety. Our personal supervision and regular communication throughout building a new home or remodeling project keep clients up to date with progress to lessen anxiety.

Concept -Plan:

There are many architectural styles that new home owners find attractive. Choosing what fits their lifestyle and vision for the new home is usually an enjoyable experience. Our priority is to build the home to meet what each client’s vision.


We are able to build from finished plans that clients have brought to us or coordinate through working with an Architect or Designer during the concept, planning, and final stages of drawings. Some of our clients have already purchased their property and come to us with a set of drawings from their Architect or Designer. We have several competent and talented design professionals that we can recommend if needed.

Vista Verde Builders LLC builds every new home to match the particular vision and desire of each new home owner, while keeping within the budget as our main priority.

Vista Verde Builders LLC recommends using Universal Design so that baby to grandparents are able to be comfortable, safe, and find the home accessible. Slight modifications to floor plans do not increase costs and allow families to stay in their home through all stages of life.

We build a comfortable, healthy home. By this we mean designing systems for the best air quality, proper lighting, and quiet inside and from the outside.

New wireless technology has helped upgrade a simple Security System to what is called a Smart Home. This generally refers to a home that has been set up to automate various tasks. Adding a security system that sends out alerts and can be activated remotely via smart phone or the ability to control lights, opening and closing windows based on temperature and rainfall in addition to all the AV and entertainment requirements of the home. The equipment required depends on how “smart” you want your home to be.  Our experienced team is able to design a system that meets the homeowners needs and budget.

Most of our new home projects are built in the Texas Hill Country where draught conditions are normal and sun is abundant. Planning to add a system for Grey Water Recovery or Rain Water Harvesting and Solar during construction is cost effective. We suggest that gutters and downspouts are designed to capture as much runoff as possible. We can include a harvesting system as part of the project or allow for future install. In addition, we are able to make sure your new home is solar ready, if adding such a system doesn’t fit the budget during construction. Geothermal HVAC systems and solar panels may sound “exotic” to other builders, but these are things we are able to easily include for our clients.

Design Build:

Our Design – Build Team is able to offer Design and Construction project services under a single contract allowing for more efficiency from concept to completion of the project. Our Technical, Mechanical, and Structural team of Sub-Contractors collaborate during design and at different stages of the building. Using our approach, that all the trades work together as a cohesive team, builds trust, cuts down on waste and rework, saving time and money for our clients.

Standard features:

Standards that other builders sometimes talk about may be the type of appliance package or lighting and plumbing fixtures they typically use. When we speak of standards, we refer to the quality of construction and energy efficiency. These are the areas where we will not compromise, some are listed below:

  • All foundations designed and inspected by Structural Engineer prior to concrete being poured.
  • Use tight construction methods and “advanced framing” techniques along with quality windows and doors to maintain energy efficiency and lower utility bills.
  • Prior to insulation, a third party inspector should be hired to make sure all framing, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems have been installed correctly to meet or exceed codes.
  • After insulation but before drywall, an Independent, 3rd party Energy Rater inspection should be completed to check materials and installation. When the home is completed, the Energy Rater verifies that all energy systems meet EPA standards (HERS) for location where the home is built. Many of these steps that we currently employ are mandatory by the State of Texas as of September 1, 2016. Vista Verde Builders LLC is in full compliance with the new Texas Code.
  • Use only quality materials and experienced trades to assure proper building and installation techniques.
  • Personal onsite management and supervision by Vista Verde Builders LLC owners, Doug or Eileen Parsons.
  • Modify design as needed, to assure a safe, healthy, comfortable, and most of all, livable home.
  • Final inspections by Independent 3rd parties at substantial completion of each home.
  • Third party warranty company protects the homeowner and their investment.


Clients may be planning to self- finance with cash or may be using a conventional mortgage. If needed, Vista Verde Builders LLC has a list of financing lenders that are able to assist with construction loans and mortgages.


Vista Verde Builders LLC uses the Texas Association (TAB) promulgated contract package for all new homes and remodeling projects. These are updated by the Bush Rudnicki Shelton Law Firm every two years after the Texas legislative session is completed therefore the contracts comply with current state law.


Vista Verde Builders LLC has earned designations from the National Association of Home Builders for:

Certified Graduate Builder CGB

Certified Green Professional CGP

Certified Age in Place Specialist CAPS

In addition, successful completion of the NAHB Advanced Green Building “Building Science” class in April, 2016.

Vista Verde Builders LLC is fully insured with General Liability Insurance and Workers Comp.

Rain Water Recovery and Grey Water Harvesting:

Vista Verde Builders LLC provides sales and installation of Rain Water Harvesting and Grey Water Recovery systems for new homes that we are constructing. We can offer a completed system or build for future installation. We also have sales and installation of Rain Water Harvesting systems for existing structures. 

Grey Water Recovery systems are designed for irrigation purposes only. Plumbing during construction is designed to isolate grey water from the washing machine, lavatory sinks, bath and showers from black water sewage from toilets, dishwasher, and kitchen sink. Black water is drained to city sewer or septic and the grey water drained to the Grey Water Recovery system. A drip system is used for watering trees, plants, and lawn areas. Grey Water is not stored.

Rain Water Harvesting can be designed for irrigation and potable water uses. We are able to include whole house filtration as needed to meet the clients request. Small systems can be updated to larger storage tanks in the future.

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